Alim La La..something

Aright, Alim Lakhiyalov.

Did you just skip over that last name too? Us squirrels don’t have too much dirt on Alim, although we suspect he is a mildly successful male model from Dubai who had to escape to a simpler place with less paparazzi. He also has a shitty desk cubicle thing in the Nest and is probably using this election to get a real office. This guy is extremely qualified for this position. I don’t even know why I’m still talking, I’ll just let the experience speak for itself.alim

  1. Associate Vice-President Finance for the AMS
  2. Vice Chair of Funds Committee
  3. Vice President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity UBC
  4. UBC Fundraising Representative
  5. Legal Department & Sales Associate for Aerovista

This guy knows money, that’s all we can say. We wish we could budget our nuts like that, but we really just eat ‘em as fast as we can and think later. Vote for Alim, he clearly knows how to use a Mac (we think, squirrels don’t use Macs).


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