Looks like a new challenger has entered the ring. After the Ubyssey boldly disendorsed all presidential candidates; a Luke Skywalker/Pheonix-esque entrance from former EUS prez and AMS Councilor Alan Ehrenholz promises new hope. Despite his tardiness, Mr. E-holz might be our best chance at having a qualified president leading the AMS. His platform is long, and like most people, we at SoAMS didn’t read the whole thing, but it’s probably full of good stuff. He’s been in leadership positions before, and even though he regularly says obnoxious, cringey things in Council meeting, he adds some of that spice that makes those dreadfully boring waste-of-a-Wednsday-evenings a little more tolerable. In other news: has anybody noticed that all the presidential candidates are white men? Pretty sure last year we had a decent mix. Back to Alan. He’s a nice guy, would probably add a bit of pizazz to the draggy day-to-day in the offices. Vote the Cairn, or not, it really doesn’t matter to squirrels.


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