Lam Chop

Daniel Lam or.. nothing. Daniel.PNG

Tough choice, but we do endorse Daniel Lam. His platform points include affordability, equity and inclusion, and student experience. He’s been around as long as my tiny squirrel brain can remember so he knows what’s going on around here. This guy is also DILIGENT. Like, read every page of a 600+ page senate docket diligent. No one does that. He also cares more than anyone in the AMS, maybe ever. That being said, he lacks some political tact which is unfortunately key when dealing with university admins on a weekly basis. Daniel will obviously be elected. If he manages to get an Associate VP Academic who knows how to flirt with the old white dudes on senate and whisper sweet nothings into little Santa Ono’s ear, we will get places people! All we really care about anyways is an increase in nuts and no one is advocating for that around here. Vote Lam. You don’t have much of a choice, and he’ll actually do a good job.


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