VPX Can we just skip this one?

Dario and Sally. It has felt like a heated race between the two, but in retrospect, it’s been relatively tame (at least compared to the presidential). They both come from qualified backgrounds but offer different approaches to external lobbying. Dario’s political experience gives him a solid understanding of the nuances of local government. He’s also been employed by the AMS, and is in no way an outsider. However some have pointed out that his political ties call into question his loyalty to students. We don’t doubt his motivations are pure (or as pure as a student politician can be) but we wonder if he’ll act in the interest of his political future over the needs of students. Sally, on the other hand, brings experience from within the AMS University and External Relations Committee and the AMS Advocacy Committee. Both experiences make her a respectable, qualified candidate. In addition she’s held numerous roles on bodies such as the Vancouver School Board Committee III to the PSSA. Hopefully students will consider which candidate was more effective in their respective roles. This race will undoubtedly be decided based on who campaigned harder, has a wider social circle, and gains the trust of students. Good luck to both candidates.


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