VPX Can we just skip this one?

Dario and Sally. It has felt like a heated race between the two, but in retrospect, it’s been relatively tame (at least compared to the presidential). They both come from qualified backgrounds but offer different approaches to external lobbying. Dario’s political experience gives him a solid understanding of the nuances of local government. He’s also been employed by the AMS, and is in no way an outsider. However some have pointed out that his political ties call into question his loyalty to students. We don’t doubt his motivations are pure (or as pure as a student politician can be) but we wonder if he’ll act in the interest of his political future over the needs of students. Sally, on the other hand, brings experience from within the AMS University and External Relations Committee and the AMS Advocacy Committee. Both experiences make her a respectable, qualified candidate. In addition she’s held numerous roles on bodies such as the Vancouver School Board Committee III to the PSSA. Hopefully students will consider which candidate was more effective in their respective roles. This race will undoubtedly be decided based on who campaigned harder, has a wider social circle, and gains the trust of students. Good luck to both candidates.


VP Admin Endorsement

Faraz Nikzad has been killing it with the endorsements. He’s got Calendar, IFC, TAC, Persian Club (duh), IRSA, Finance Association, and most notably, us.

Let’s dive into what make this candidate such a standout. First of all, he wants to shake things up with the AMS Food outlets which all suck (get nuts on the menu Gallery!!). We need a change. He’s been working for AMS food and beverage services for three years, so we think this guy gets it. The other two points on his platform are New Ideas and Consulting. I mean just look at the guy, he looks like a warm friendly teddy bear ready to fix the Nest.


Board of Governors

This one is tough. They’re all good. Like it doesn’t even matter, they all exhibit great traits and we’d be happy to see any two of them win. To avoid being complete cop-outs and endorsing every candidate, we’ll at least narrow it down to three. Kevin Doering, Louis Retief and Jakob Gattinger.

Kevin is running on a platform of affordable housing, tuition, and transparency. Three common values that all candidates would bring to the table. However, Kevin made a really cute little video that seems like an intro for a 90s sitcom staring Bob Saget. That’s something we can all get behind.

Louis is a strong voice to have on the Board. He understands the necessity of having a very trendy haircut. Senior board members will most likely be intimated by said haircut and maybe he’ll have more leverage or something. Also we’ve seen him bench like 300lbs in the gym and so we fear not endorsing him.

Jakob is okay.

Again, all the other candidates would be excellent voices on the Board, so just vote for whoever and things will turn out fine. #Vern4BoG


Ubyssey Voter Compass

People endorse for a lot of reasons. A good friend from first-year, sophisticated posters, no ties to the Talon, in the Greek system, not in the Greek system.. lots of reasons. Rarely are these reasons the platforms themselves. Trust us, we barely looked at the ones from this year. So what do you do as a student who has enough reading material to ignore tonight already? Take this super handy Ubyssey Vote Compass Quiz! We don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s pretty awesome.

While you’re at it, you might as well take these other quizzes to continue procrastinating. compass.PNG

What kind of squirrel are you?

Do you speak squirrel?

Who are you in 1917 Russia?

How much do you know about squirrels?




Alim La La..something

Aright, Alim Lakhiyalov.

Did you just skip over that last name too? Us squirrels don’t have too much dirt on Alim, although we suspect he is a mildly successful male model from Dubai who had to escape to a simpler place with less paparazzi. He also has a shitty desk cubicle thing in the Nest and is probably using this election to get a real office. This guy is extremely qualified for this position. I don’t even know why I’m still talking, I’ll just let the experience speak for itself.alim

  1. Associate Vice-President Finance for the AMS
  2. Vice Chair of Funds Committee
  3. Vice President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity UBC
  4. UBC Fundraising Representative
  5. Legal Department & Sales Associate for Aerovista

This guy knows money, that’s all we can say. We wish we could budget our nuts like that, but we really just eat ‘em as fast as we can and think later. Vote for Alim, he clearly knows how to use a Mac (we think, squirrels don’t use Macs).

Lam Chop

Daniel Lam or.. nothing. Daniel.PNG

Tough choice, but we do endorse Daniel Lam. His platform points include affordability, equity and inclusion, and student experience. He’s been around as long as my tiny squirrel brain can remember so he knows what’s going on around here. This guy is also DILIGENT. Like, read every page of a 600+ page senate docket diligent. No one does that. He also cares more than anyone in the AMS, maybe ever. That being said, he lacks some political tact which is unfortunately key when dealing with university admins on a weekly basis. Daniel will obviously be elected. If he manages to get an Associate VP Academic who knows how to flirt with the old white dudes on senate and whisper sweet nothings into little Santa Ono’s ear, we will get places people! All we really care about anyways is an increase in nuts and no one is advocating for that around here. Vote Lam. You don’t have much of a choice, and he’ll actually do a good job.



Looks like a new challenger has entered the ring. After the Ubyssey boldly disendorsed all presidential candidates; a Luke Skywalker/Pheonix-esque entrance from former EUS prez and AMS Councilor Alan Ehrenholz promises new hope. Despite his tardiness, Mr. E-holz might be our best chance at having a qualified president leading the AMS. His platform is long, and like most people, we at SoAMS didn’t read the whole thing, but it’s probably full of good stuff. He’s been in leadership positions before, and even though he regularly says obnoxious, cringey things in Council meeting, he adds some of that spice that makes those dreadfully boring waste-of-a-Wednsday-evenings a little more tolerable. In other news: has anybody noticed that all the presidential candidates are white men? Pretty sure last year we had a decent mix. Back to Alan. He’s a nice guy, would probably add a bit of pizazz to the draggy day-to-day in the offices. Vote the Cairn, or not, it really doesn’t matter to squirrels.